Charleston Martial Arts
Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates Effective April 1, 2019

  1 Month Rate 6 Months 12 Months
Junior Classes $52/month $300 ($50/month) $552 ($46/month)
Adult Classes $66/month $372 ($62/month) $696 ($58/month)
Family Cap $112/month $624 ($104/month) $1,200 ($100/month)

Payment for each month is due in advance on the first day of the month, paid no later than the tenth of the month. . Eligibility for six or twelve month discounts will require paying for the appropriate term in advance.

* For families with more than one family member signed up, the first adult is charged at the full rate, and all other family members are charged the listed rate, up to the family cap.

** Membership in the American Traditional jujutsu Association (ATJA) is required.  ATJA membership is $40 per year for Adults ($20/year for Juniors).

*** Active Duty Military and Law Enforcement are eligible for 50% off the above rates. Martial Artists in good standing visiting from another martial arts school are eligible for 50% off the above rates with letter from the Head of the other school.