Will be hosting
Junior Judo Camps
at the

Summerville Family YMCA @ The Ponds


The YMCA will be holding various summer camps for both members and non-members of the YMCA this summer.  Charleston Martial Arts will host three Judo camps for ages 5 through 12 year olds, as shown in the following table.  The Judo camps are three hours per day.  See schedule below.  Please spread the word to fellow students and friends.  It is a good way for new people to try Judo.  A uniform will be provided for use by students, if needed.


Dates Times YMCA Membership
Jun 8, 2020 - Jun 12, 2020 1PM – 4PM Member $75.00 Non-Member $150.00
Jul 13, 2020 - Jul 17, 2020 1PM – 4PM Member $75.00 Non-Member $150.00

Aug 3, 2020 - Aug 7, 2020

1PM – 4PM Member $75.00 Non-Member $150.00


Students at the camp will become familiar with the Olympic Sport of Judo.  The average student should be able to learn sufficient elements to meet the requirements for a Yellow Belt in Junior Judo based on the requirements of the American Traditional Jujutsu Association (www.atja.org).  The camp fee will include the use of a Judo uniform (Gi) for the camp (returned at the end of Camp).  Recommended dress is play clothes (no skirts or dresses).  Please bring a snack and water bottle to the camp.

 The link to the YMCA site is: https://summervilleymca.org/programs/summer-camp/

For more information, call The Ponds YMCA at 843-771-2934, or Tom Reiff at 843-478-2350

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