Charleston, SC

Promotion Information

Charleston Martial Arts is affiliated with the American Traditional Jujutsu Association (ATJA), and follows their promotion policies and criteria for both Judo and Jujutsu.  The ATJA has resources detailing requirements, guidelines, forms and applications for promotion, which can be found at

For new students, the different colored belts can be confusing, but the concept is easy to understand.  As a student learns and progresses in the martial arts, his/her accomplishments, as well as the expectations, increase.  The system of colored belts makes it easy to gauge the level each student is at, and how to help them get to the next level.

The ranks and belt colors for mudansha (non-black belt) are as follows:

Junior Rank Belt Color   Senior Rank Belt Color
JR00 White Shichikyu (7th rank) White
JR01 Yellow Rokkyu (6th rank) Yellow
JR02 Yellow (with stripe)
JR03 Orange Gokyu (5th rank) Orange
JR04 Orange (with stripe)
JR05 Green Yonkyu (4th rank) Green
JR06 Green (with stripe)
JR07 Blue Sankyu (3rd rank) Brown
JR08 Blue (with stripe)
JR09 Purple Nikyu (2nd rank) Brown
JR10 Purple (with stripe)
JR11 Brown Ikkyu (1st rank) Brown
JR12 Brown (with stripe)